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  2. Add items you wish to donate to your cart. Ensure the "This is a gift" box is checked.
  3. Proceed to checkout. Ensure items in your cart are only items you wish to donate.
  4. When prompted to select a shipping address, select "PALISADES AMBASSADORS," tagged as part of a gift registry.
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All tax deductible donations can be made by check. Please make checks out to PALISADES CHARTER HIGH SCHOOL. You can mail checks to:


15777 Bowdoin St.

Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

or deliver checks to the Ambassadors mailbox in the main office. To receive a tax deductible receipt, please include your mailing address.

Why donate to the Ambassadors?

Under the current budget of PCHS, the Palisades Ambassadors receive no financial support from the school. While other student organizations receive thousands of dollars in funding, the Palisades Ambassadors have never been a part of the PCHS annual budget. In the past, Ambassadors expenses have been covered by the student Ambassadors themselves, the Ambassadors Cabinet (students donating their own money), and the Executive Director. While the donations of PCHS staff and students were sufficient in the past, the rapid growth of the program has left it in a position of financial danger.

Unlike other student programs, the Ambassadors do not require a high budget to operate. However, the quality and effectiveness of the program relies on the resources and opportunities available to the students. The Ambassadors take part in various fundraisers every year, but in the last year, annual expenses have exceed the amount fundraised. Because the primary goal of the program is to give back to the community and school as much as possible, the Ambassadors prefer to spend time at volunteering at events rather than fundraising. This causes the program to rely heavily on those who value the work of the Ambassadors and want to help the program as much as the program helps the community. By donating to the Ambassadors, your monetary donation will help cover the following expenses:

  • Material costs for Ambassadors in the free/reduced lunch program (polo, quarter zip, etc.)
  • Field trips and leadership conferences
  • Training and team bonding programs
  • Transportation costs
  • Annual Ambassadors curriculum training day
  • Meals/snacks for Ambassadors during long events (8+ hours)
  • Supplies for Ambassadors-sponsored events (clip boards, pens, markers, walkie talkies, paper, etc.)
  • Staffing costs via PCHS

The Ambassadors are asking for your help to ensure the program can continue to teach students the skills essential to any professional work environment. By providing students these skills, the program is able to give back to the community as much as possible. All donations to the Ambassadors are tax deductible and go directly towards helping promote student learning and community service! By donating to the Ambassadors, you are helping give back to the entire Palisades community. Each trained Ambassador is expected contribute more than 50 hours a year towards community service.

By donating goods listed in the Amazon Wishlist, you will be supplying the Ambassadors with materials used on a daily basis. When purchasing via the Amazon Wishlist, you are able to select exactly what you want to supply the Ambassadors with. We expect all items to last us at least a couple of years. The goods donated via the Amazon Wishlist are also tax deductive.