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The Pali Ambassadors are a diverse, driven group of students committed to creating a better school community and empowered future leaders. As a dedicated group of 10th-12th graders who represent Pali High, we attend community events and guide the school tours for prospective parents and students. The Ambassadors represent various backgrounds, interests, and over three dozen extracurricular activities, ranging from athletic sports teams to on campus lunch clubs and after school community service programs.

We believe that high school students are much more than just academic students; high school students are also learning about themselves and the world around them. While PCHS is a strong and impactful learning environment for all students, there is still much to be learned outside the classroom. This program allows PCHS students to gain real world networking and outreach skills that are seldom available on any high school campus. Aligned with PCHS’ mission to make positive contributions to the global community, this program empowers students to take action and make tangible change within their local communities and the Greater Los Angeles area.

This program began in 2010 and has since guided dozens of students onto their paths of greater success. Being an Ambassador is a prestigious position not only on school campus, but also within the community. Pali Ambassadors are looked up to as role models by prospective PCHS students and are valued greatly within the surrounding community. Ambassadors undergo extensive training, and are vetted to the highest degree to ensure that all Ambassadors meet the high standards of the program. The average Ambassador dedicates upwards of 10 hours a week to bettering PCHS, the Palisades community, and themselves. The Palisades Ambassadors have been recognized by Councilmember Mike Bonin on various occasions, and play in instrumental role in helping the entire Palisades/Santa Monica/Malibu/Brentwood community.

The Palisades Ambassadors also appoint representatives to various organizations within the Palisades to voice the needs of students. These organizations include the Pacific Palisades Community Council, the Pacific Palisades Optimists Club, the Pacific Palisades Chamber of Commerce, and many more. Their role in voicing the needs of not only PCHS students, but all students in the Palisades/Brentwood/Malibu area is key to ensure that the academic and social needs of students are met.

Ambassadors also play a large role on campus, serving as key student leaders. Ambassadors are responsible for not only school tours, but also act as liaisons between the administration and students. Being the only student organization under the direct control of the Executive Director/Principal brings a unique perspective to the Ambassadors program where they are given responsibilities that surpass those which are placed on the average student. Ambassadors are the most disciplined and academically achieving students on campus, while still representing a diverse student body. Ambassadors are assigned other roles on campus such as serving on the Math Task Force, being a large part of the administrative support team, and making up the majority of the Family & Community subsection of the Long Term Strategic Planning committee.

The Ambassadors Cabinet is the most prestigious branch of the Ambassadors program, comprised of five dedicated and involved students. These students spend upwards of 20 hours a week to ensure the program runs smoothly and accomplishes its goals. The Cabinet is trusted with some of the most important tasks on campus, serving an important role to ensure that the administration and faculty are well supported.

The Palisades Ambassadors is a member of the National Coalition of Student Ambassadors (NCOSA). Founded by Palisades Ambassador President Eli Safaie-Kia, the organization allows the Pali Ambassadors to share their knowledge, experiences, and skills to other students all across the country. This coalition allows students to collaborate and communicate in ways that were not possible before, creating a collective voice for student leadership and school representation. Being the founding member school of NCOSA, the Palisades Ambassadors have played a crucial role in helping to develop Ambassadors Curriculum and train other member schools. NCOSA gives the Palisades Ambassadors access to a greater network of support for events and training resources to ensure the highest possible effectivity of the program.

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