Dolphin Diplomats

The Dolphin Diplomats are a diverse, driven group of students working alongside the Ambassadors for a better school community. The Diplomats are a hard-working group of underclassmen whose chief job is to be Ambassadors-in-training. All Dolphin Diplomats aspire to become Ambassadors and are currently being trained for this esteemed position.

The Dolphin Diplomats are a group of select PCHS freshmen and sophomores chosen to prepare for the Palisades Ambassadors program. Founded in 2018, the Dolphin Diplomats program allows aspiring Ambassadors to work and train alongside current Ambassadors to learn the program’s various aspects including school tours and community events.

Along with classroom based training directly from Ambassadors Curriculum, the Dolphin Diplomats participate in several Ambassadors events throughout the school year. As a culminating project, they are required to plan and execute their own Ambassadors-style community event from the skills and information they have learned. This project is an opportunity for Dolphin Diplomats to apply the real world leadership and organizational skills they have learned, as well as demonstrate the necessary skills of an Ambassador. This project also allows Dolphin Diplomats to work hand-in-hand with PCHS administration and various community organizations, strengthening the networking and communication skills of Dolphin Diplomats.

Dolphin Diplomats who are interested in applying as Ambassadors are expected to dedicate roughly five hours a week to the Dolphin Diplomats program. Given that the Ambassadors application process is a highly selective and competitive one, all aspects of the Dolphin Diplomats program is intended to strengthen the Dolphin Diplomat as a strong Ambassadors applicant. By the end of the program, Dolphin Diplomats are expected to be knowledgeable about PCHS and the Palisades community which will help them serve as productive and successful Ambassadors.

The application season for the Dolphin Diplomats has ended. Visit this page at the start of the 2023-2022 school year for more information!