Virtual Siblings Program

What is the Virtual Siblings Program? What do we do?

In the light of Pali High's mission to inspire students of all backgrounds to create a positive difference in the community, one of our Ambassadors, Kimiya Natan, has created the Virtual Siblings Program. This program inspires friendships and memories while working to unite people from all walks of life under one common goal: supporting each other. Our program pairs participating students with Pali Ambassadors who would serve as their “Ambassador Sibling”. Partners will plan weekly or bi-weekly virtual meetings at the time of their convenience and have the opportunity to pursue any bonding activity. They can play games, talk, educate each other, and share ideas, all while creating friendships and memories.

Elementary or middle school students who participate in this program need to first complete our online interest form with contact information, hobbies, and preferred gender of their “Ambassador Sibling”. After filling out the form, the student will be paired with a Palisades Ambassador with similar interests who would be their “Virtual Sibling”.

Due to the pandemic, we understand that many students spend their days at home where every day feels the same. With childhood being such an important time for one's development, socialization, and growth, we want this program to be an outlet where children can enjoy their time during the pandemic with someone new.

Join us for an informational meeting on Monday, March 1st, 2021 at 3 PM.

We will go over the program, sign-up process, and answer any questions.

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 885 6691 6373

Passcode: Siblings

Session One: Weekly or Bi-Weekly Meetings (lasting 12 weeks) from March 8th to May 15th

You may sign up mid-session, but spots are limited and not guaranteed. The sessions will still end on May 15th.

How to Sign-Up

Step 1:

If you are interested in participating in session one, complete the Online Interest Form after reading our Code of Conduct.

Pali Ambassadors Virtual Siblings Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions DRAFT

Step 2: Once you have filled out the sign-up form and your child is paired with a virtual sibling you will be contacted by an Ambassador in the program regarding student/parent orientation. (If you are not contacted within 8-10 business days please email us at

Step 3: Attend the Student/Parent orientation with your participating child! Meeting information will be emailed to you via your child’s Ambassador Sibling. During this meeting, you will get to virtually meet your child's sibling who will be in contact with you going forwards.

Any Questions? Contact

Parent Testimonial

Parents, the Sibling Program coordinated by Pali Ambassadors at Pali High is a gem. For our family, our “siblings” have become mentors, tutors, band members, gamers, and big brothers. My boys, ages, 9 and 11, are thrilled to have been paired with someone way cooler than their parents. This has allowed them to engage in topics curious to them but assumed my husband and I would know nothing about. Such things as baseball, surfing, gaming, skateboarding, you-tubers, and basically life! I did not hesitate to sign up for the Sibling Program when it was first presented. I could be paying top dollar to get the same type of service my boys receive from their “sibling” to a college tutor. The selling point, however, was that Pali Charter Alumni initiated and launched this amazing program all on her own. I'm very grateful to Kimiya for introducing it to the Palisades community. Let’s be real, Covid has created a real need for kids to socialize with people outside their immediate circle. The Sibling Program is the answer to so many current issues. Bonus: The program helps take out the mystery of Pali High which can seem overwhelming to little ones.

-Johanna Minassian Mom to a 5, 9, and 11 years old.

February 24th, 2021